About me - Nick Jackson

Welcome to my website, I hope you enjoy my work.

I first got into photography when my Dad gave me his East German Praktica 35mm film camera In the early 80s. Despite it being basic, needing to use a light meter, and having to focus manually, I really enjoyed it and also tried my hand at processing film in the darkroom at school.

After leaving school I found other distractions, but in 2006, with the advent of digital photography and a feeling of nostalgia, I bought an entry level camera, joined a camera club and got out and about taking photos again.

Since then I've enjoyed success at competition level, winning the Lancashire & Cheshire Photographic Union individual competition in 2009, and in 2016 being part of the UK team that won the FIAP World Black & White Sports Print competition.  I've also achieved a credit from the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (CPAGB) and a BPE1* from the British Photographic Exhibition.

As I've progressed, I've realised that it's people photography I enjoy most, especially where I can combine this with other passions.     

I love music and gigs, and I've worked with Warrington band Sweet Release and did the cover design for their Darkest Hour EP.

I also work with Phoenix Fire Amateur Boxing Club in Warrington, covering the occasional amateur boxing show. Images from various past events are available to purchase on this website and a proportion of all my sales goes back to the club funds.

You can see a wide range of my work in my Gallery including event, equestrian and wedding photography. I also have a Facebook page, so please visit and 'like' the page to see some of my latest work, and and if you'd like to get in touch visit my contact page.


Nick Jackson CPAGB BPE1*

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